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Whether you need a latex mattress or an orthopaedic bed, our mattress finder will help choose your perfect mattress. Fill out the questionnaire below to search through our huge range of high quality mattresses. It takes into account everything from how you sleep to your height and weight and also takes into account your budget, so you can be confident your new mattress will fit all your requirements.

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  • What do you expect from your new mattress, do you have a specific health need?

    To relieve pressure points in my joints
    To support my lower back and spine
    To help eliminate back pain
    To relax my muscles

  • What level of support do you require?

    Soft - Suitable for relatively light people who sleep on their back or side and enjoy sinking into the bed
    Medium - Suitable for side and back sleepers with body weight up to 90kg who enjoy the perfect ballance of comfort and support
    Firm - Suitable for bigger and heavier people and also for back and front sleeper who enjoy a slightly firmer feel than medium
    Extra Firm - Suitable for back sleepers who enjoy a really firm sleeping surface

  • Do you want 100% Latex mattress, latex with pocket springs or latex with reflex foam?

  • Do you have a preference about the type of latex used in your mattress?

  • What size of mattress do you need to buy?

    Small Single 75x190cm
    Long Small Single 75x200cm
    Single 90x190cm
    Euro Single 90x200cm
    Small Double 120x190cm

    Double 135x190cm
    Euro Double 140x200cm
    King 150x200cm
    Euro King 160x200cm
    Super King 180x200cm

  • Which product price range would you consider?

    I want to buy a basic quality product.
    I want a product that meets my needs at the lowest possible price.
    Mattress Lifespan: 2 - 5 Years

    I want to buy a standard quality product with some features.
    I want to buy a quality mattress with standard to luxury features to meet my sleeping needs.
    Mattress Lifespan: 3 - 8 years

    I want the best value of a high quality product with obvious features and benefits.
    I want a mattress with superior materials for the luxurious comfort and exceptional support.
    Mattress Lifespan: 7+ Years